“I hired Sarah to make the album art for my full-length, as well as a t-shirt design based off of that. Sarah conducted herself in a helpful and professional manner throughout the entire experience; the consultation and quotation process were smooth and informative, and gave me confidence in hiring her services. She was communicative every step of the way, showing me progress pictures and regularly asking for my input. Of course, my input was barely needed aside from the initial consultation; her artistic ability is unparalleled! I am thrilled with the end products, and would hire Sarah again in a heartbeat.”

–Jenn Taiga, musician

“Sarah is wonderful. She is really easy to work with and will cater her own vision to any project you might have. She is also incredibly fast, though not for lack of quality. Her work is always thorough and detailed.”

–Dylan Rupe, member of Bull Of Apis Bull Of Bronze and Fogweaver and founder of Fableglade Records

“Akashic Envoy Records takes the visual aspects of our releases very seriously, and we’ve worked with a number of talented artists as a result. We also place a high value on professionalism, so less-than-reliable artists usually don’t get commissioned by us a second time. With Sarah Allen Reed, there’s never any worry on either side of that equation. One doesn’t need an expert’s eye to see Ms. Reed’s talent, nor does one need to study her work all that closely to see how painstakingly she crafts each piece. There are no shortcuts in her work, no digital enhancements or other technological trickery. Instead, she’s strictly old-school in her approach – from pencil sketches to final inks to color finishes. Ms. Reed is also a consummate professional who is straightforward in her expectations about how a client-artist relationship should function. She’s easy to communicate with, very open to incorporating a client’s feedback into the various drafts of a piece, and delivers the work on time (if not sooner). AER gives Sarah Allen Reed our highest possible recommendation. “

–CTM, Owner/Operator, Akashic Envoy Records

“Sarah is an excellent artist with a fine sense of professionalism and speed. She always digs into what a client wants while still anticipating their desires and creating something novel and creative.”

–Maher Sagrillo, publisher, Tempest Tome Games