“Sarah is a sure-footed comics artist whose sense of DIY ethos and love of the medium have combined to make something powerful and beautiful and truly her own. The struggle is real, but with a pen in our hands, the artist will find glory at its peak. Sarah’s work marks the emergence of a new leader on the rise with enough energy to drill through the toughest obstacles with the sharp edge of printed media and the blunt power of comics culture.”

Josh Bayer, author of Raw Power and Tomorrow Forever

“A light source does gleam in the eye of the storm though. It is the expression of a revolt which manifests through the fact that the author refuses to lean her head and let “the atrocious, despotic Anxiety hammers its black flag there”. Sarah looks these obscures forces which dominate us right in the eye and share her torments with the readers. “I revolt, so we are”, said Camus. And here is Hope, it is nothing less than the socle on which the fragile edifice of reason rests upon. It’s its absence which gobbled the house from Hodgson’s novel but Sarah “Hope” Reed does still stand.”

–Yann Plane, publisher, Zine Panique!

“Sarah is prolific and dedicated to her art and it shows. From the almost-preciously decorative front matter to the expressive and reckless black inks to the obsessive and often-excellent hand-lettering throughout, these comics never feel careless or casual. Instead, they are urgent, honest, and important — while remaining consistently surprising and impressive in content and quality — a study in dedication to the craft of comics as well as an unnervingly-honest exploration of the author’s self.”

Cole Closser, Assistant Professor of Art & Design, Missouri State University

“But Sarah’s work - again, I get to speak truthfully - does not bore me. It ought not bore anyone with a capacity to appreciate art. Not merely that, but I am enthralled by this work. It sparks up hope – and I believed hope was all but gone in this world and certainly within me. To pick up a comic book, hell, any contemporary book or piece of art and be inspired - my G_D, that is a gift.”

Richard Van Ingram, cartoonist

“It was immediately apparent, when I first began making my way through the volumes of Tabula Rosetta, that Sarah’s work was exceptional. The attention to design, the visual completeness of each collection, lays a perfect frame for a host of human stories that move seamlessly between the deeply personal realities of a true outsider to intense, surreal, and macabre science fiction. These stories, and the gorgeously stark black work that accompanies them, need to be seen and felt.”

Jeremy Gaulke, publisher, APEP Publications