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Illustration for "Husband Of The Night" by Robyn Singer, for The Dark Side Of Purity. Published by Band Of Bards, 2022.

Illustration for "Cryptic Explorers." Tempest Tome, 2019.

Illustration for the re-release of the Old Nick album "Flying Ointment". Tempest Tome, 2021.

Illustration for an unreleased compilation. 2021.

Portrait commission, 2020.

Illustration for SHRIEKING. 2021.

Poster illustration for the online DJ Supermarket festival on datafruits.fm. 2020.

Illustration for Strange And Unusual Sounds, Volume 2. 2022.

Illustration for the Planepacked single "Harrowhark". 2022.

Cover art for "It Came From The Swamp." Published by Malarkey Books, 2022.

Cover art illustration for INX Comic #12. INX Comic logo by Greg Russell.. 2021.

Interior illustration for Tentacle Head by Rick Claypool. Bear Creek Press, 2022.

Postcard illustration for Our Lady Maven. 2023.