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Single art for Empire Of The Vampire, 2020.
Illustration for the Jenn Taiga album "Plight". Tridroid Records, 2020
Illustration for Order Of The Wolf's upcoming record "The Dichotomy Between Life And Death". 2020. Order Of The Wolf logo by Misha Mono.
Cover illustration for "Marchpane" by Stuart M. Buck. 2021
Cover art for the Jenn Taiga album "Lunar Nocturnes and Esoteric Incantations." Tridroid Records, 2021. Jenn Taiga logo by Chris Pheonix.
Illustration for the Drainbow record "The Tower Of Flints." 2020.
Illustration for the Resurrectionist self-titled album. 2021.
Screenprint illustration for The Black Hart of Saint Paul. 2020.
Cover art for the Revenant album "Lost In Vigilance". Realm and Ritual, 2020.
Trading card llustrations for Fableglade Records, 2020
Cover art for Mark Ward's "HIKE". Bear Creek Printing Press, 2021
Cover art for 3moon Magazine Issue 7, "Growing Malcontent". 2021